When direct labor costs are recorded in a job costing_

Ridgepi的个人资料 ,永恒资源分享网_整理发布21世纪最新网络资源共享及下载 Accrued direct labor cost of $49,000 and indirect labor cost of $21,000. Depreciation recorded on factory equipment, $104,000. Other manufacturing overhead costs accrued during October, $130,000. The company applies manufacturing overhead cost to production using a predetermined rate of $6 per machine-hour.

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0 Cost Of Goods Manufactured Is Debited And Direct Labor Is Credited. 0 Direct Labor and Indirect Labor are debited and Factory Wages Payable is credited. 0 Work in Process Inventory is debited and Factory Overhead is credited.

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Total job cost $480 BE 2 Colby Company estimates that annual manufacturing overhead costs will be $600,000. Estimated annual operating activity bases are: direct labor cost $460,000, direct labor hours 40,000 and machine hours 80,000. The actual manufacturing overhead cost for the year was $601,000 and the actual direct labor cost for the year ... In the traditional costing system, cost equals materials cost plus labor cost plus manufacturing overhead costs charged at the pre-determined overhead rate. The pre-determined overhead rate based on direct labor hours = $5,404,639/20,000 = $270 per labor hour. The actual number of labor hours spent on the order is 250.

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