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System catalog tables (PG) and other Amazon Redshift system tables (STL and STV) are not locked in a transaction; therefore, changes to database objects that arise from DDL and TRUNCATE operations are visible on commit to any concurrent transactions. elements. This post discusses which use cases can benefit from nested data types, how to use Amazon Redshift Spectrum with nested data types to achieve excellent performance and s

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クラウド環境におけるDWHの選択肢として、Redshiftはもはや珍しいものではなくなりましたが、弊社内の採用実績はそれほど多くはありませんでした。本記事は元々そのような社内向けに、Redshiftの基本的な仕様をなるべく網羅的に理解できるようまとめたものです。 筆者について新卒で ...

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May 27, 2020 · • Review of Part 1 • Overview of new pipeline use cases • Overview of components • Glue, Redshift, Redshift Spectrum, Elasticsearch, and more Athena • Demo and Console tour of components • Look at Parquet data in s3, create Athena tables/queries • Set ES privs and query from command line • Query Redshift using join of standard ...

Nov 04, 2019 · In addition to querying Redshift system tables for user activities, you also have an option to write audit logs to S3. This option is especially helpful if you are looking to keep history of user activities for more than just few days. As Redshift default system tables will only keep data for last 3 -5 days in rolling manner.

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