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Operations with Radical Expressions. When adding or subtracting, combine only like radicals. To multiply one radical expression by another one, use the same techniques you have learned for multiplying one polynomial by another one. @Michael_Lee yes I used them a lot with my friends. Some of them are common on websites. Like for example A:Hi! What are you doing? B: nm = nothing much A: I c = I see B: Did you need help with anything?Where in real life do you work with radical expressions and functions? Give an example of your own. (Algebra 2) - 14797515

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• Simplify radical expressions of any index. • Use patterns, relations, and functions to represent mathematical situations. • Identify the domain and range of radical functions. • Evaluate, solve, and analyze mathematical situations using algebraic properties and symbols. • Solve radical equations, including those with extraneous roots. When dealing with rational expressions and equations, we're not allowed to divide by zero. When there are variables in denominators, we then will have certain values which can cause division by zero. Whichever method one uses to solve a given rational equation, one will, at some point, get rid of those denominators.

Apr 15, 2008 · Well, even to raise the question is to reveal the most fundamental ignorance of life in the great co-ops and townhouses of the East Side in the age of Radical Chic. In the Real World. Polynomials and rational expressions are used to express properties of the physical world, like how gravity works. If you need a funnier example of gravity at work (or not at work), check this out. Polynomials can also be used to do approximation, something that's usually covered in Calculus classes. Shudder.

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